after effects dark cc preset edit tutorial 2022

 After effects dark cc preset edit tutorial 2022

Anyone with an interest in video editing has probably heard of After Effects. At its simplest, After Effects is a compositing and motion graphics app for video, but over the years it has become the go to software for all kinds of visual effects – creating titles, animating text, characters, 3D and even 360 degree VR footage.

After Effects (AE) is powerful and versatile, used by beginners, hobbyists and is still the industry standard for professionals. You could spend years using it and still only have scratched the surface. The only limit is your imagination (and the power of your GPU – see our best computers for video editing page if you need an upgrade).

At $20.99 / £19.97 per month, AE may seem a little expensive, but while there are similar packages out there, nothing offers the wide range of features and benefits that come with After Effects. If you already have a CC subscription then you’re already set to go (if not, check out our Adobe CC discount page to see if you can grab a bargain)! If you're still not sure, check our buying guide on After Effects alternatives, otherwise read the full review below.

The last few years of AE updates have focused more on improved performance and creating a more efficient workflow for users, indicating that Adobe is committed to finding a better overall experience for its customers, ahead of the cheap bells and whistles that bring more immediate gratification. The 2021 version is a little light on new and exciting features, trending more towards shared team working and slightly improved 3D capabilities. But there have been some notable recent inclusions that are well worth having a look at



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