Trending Instagram Fully Animated Thanking Video Editing

 Alight motion Tutorial 

Hi guys welcome back to my today i am sharing how to make 20 instagram fully animated thanking video in Alight motion mistake screenshot of your instagram account i can and your description then i grow up through the pixlr application like the video then open  Alight motion  application and first and some related files i can't see description like the video . paise airplane animation in the i can't the logo of your instagram i can throw the spoil mat matt option feature after enable that drop drop down animation to the instagram name name logo and zoom into zoom out animation to follow and the down the icons then next apply azhar swipe up and mason to the rookie and remove unwanted areas and start a fully animated try to video so sweet someplace anything the first of the sum layers. 

there export interview gallery after we are creating the outer animation through the same solutions office today for August 8 x-men every other please ask telegraph and the text transformer 52 here and copy the affected to other pf it to the similar and apply your gopi of st the other lady here and change the name into your account ki of your your completed 4 hours calling the second and happiness in effect tweety after mention your name as that @ option then i just changed our place on the line animation 286 42 your gallery and service kannada resolution 16 sonam gratiot of play the same to videos to hear and export in your gallery with me double music thank you. 


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