Telegram Full Screen music player making

 Telegram Music Player Tutorial

Hi guys welcome back to my channel today's video how to make cool music player 20 instagram or telegram music player full screen video in Alight motion

Install Alight motion application and open it first select frame like a full ratio like a 9 is to 16 ratio then RDA image here after RDA shape circle shape here and choose the layer selecting option selected the two layers the upper corner side click the second option to merge it then the alpha rays are in circle shape next we are adding a stroke border here to see the shadow option then next severe adding another the timer using 4 p o or duplicate of the recent file then I added another code obligative of the border and I just see the color space around the background and the running color means say the timing color and the choose same color as the main object of the image and we are adding the music player PNG and other icons PNG trusty PNG here you can manually add the text through alite motion texting layer after I play the another timing bar timing bar and register the animation through frame keys and apply the timer are using another textile then apply doors particularly through effect using and first year rectangle shape and change the color into black and I play dots of it here and it choose the screen mode which are playing or blendy then we are ready if you wanted to add any the center image into a main image into your background I just add it and I play some blur effect using blur option. And the last seat said earlier background music here and export into your gallery.



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