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 Kinemaster tutorial

Hi guys welcome back to my channel today's video how to make musical video with water effect here we want some stuff to make in this video install kinemaster from Play Store and download the files related files from my video description then open your kinemaster

 before you make an text PNG using pixellab aur picsart application after open kinemaster application then NH2 se background video image Instagram aspect ratio after the water effect musical video here and choose the blending option to blending the black screen.

 I am here using the screen mode then Ada particles effect year same as the recently music effect use blender for removing or hiding the black screen then choose text PNG and adjust the text PNG behind the musical logo then aadami background music here

 and you can choose the border option border PNG checkmate description to download it and at the border PNG here and apply your background music and remove the unwanted areas and export in your gallery.


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