How to make awesome wave wrap with Text transform animation lyrics video in alight motion

 Wave wrap with text transform effect video editing

Hi guys welcome to our website today video iam share how to create awesome lyrics video in alight motion. Guys first it need an application name as alight motion after download some related files from video description it easy to download with chrome or any other browsers. It's your turn iam prefer chrome.

Then first open your alight motion application and add a image as background after fill to scree the image then we are adding the text layer to it. Then apply some changes like font style size colour ....

Apply text transform effect on the text layer mark the keyframe to get an animation. There u can apply more animation from using text transform effect. Copy the text layer or duplcate the layer then do some changes like the video after copy the text or merge with selection tool then apply wave wrap to get an water effect. After copy and paste the group text layer edit the text.

Next we are adding some effects overlays here like particles and butterflies effect choose screen and lighten mode for blending and apply some colour correction using coloor tools.

Than add the music and adjust the layers remove unwanted areas after export it .


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