Alight motion Lyric edit #glowscan

 Alight motion Glow Scan Effect

hi guys welcome back to my channel today's video how to make animated after effect computer software level video in alight motion application we want some latest version of alight motion application then open your application their first add image as background I am here to see black gradient black shadow level images is very nice to use other effect OK then apply the glow glow effect in here means the gloss can affect the growth scan affected totally cover the a bottle and the thunder effect in your image background image and apply fractal war effect in here and the fractal war effect to get a fractal animation like a road hotel higher animation to your background image you can choose this same effect in your lyrics lyrics getting the wave effect using this effect OK 

then add dissolve effect to out animation and fade in animation here the value of the starting and aadi a affect your background image it get the sunlight FM animations on light moving animation to your background image and choose save some lyrics based on your background image and this is based on the you are background images and apply background music here and remove unwanted music cut to trim your music based on your duration of the video and we are doing nothing and finally to all layers and remove unwanted ads and choose the trim option to cut finally export your gallery


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