How to make trending Instagram photos transformation video in kinemaster

 Photo transformation video editing

Hi everybody today's video how to make a trending Instagram photos transformation video using kinemaster kinemaster then open your kinemaster and then a normal image and add other for 5 image like this that video then we are in the transformation of the normal to transform into other image so as we are ready for image like the video and adjust the duration if you want based on your background music then apply the effect graphics graphics effect just moving animation in and out to movie animation through animation one method 

then export the video then RD create a new window I am to square ratio window and had the same I video the exported video in 4 time then change the speed into normal 21.8 speed after export into your gallery then select the score ratio and apply the same video into more than I change the speed into 3 speed after expert after they are the main starting their image normal image into the front of the video then apply the background music and adjust the duration and the beating and non bataiye areas and export export in your gallery if you want the black background images of application check my video description and the all images are not me and you can download it from Pinterest application thank you.


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