How to make paper Animation Lyrics video in Kinemaster

 How to make Lyrics video editing in kinemaster

Hlo everyone today's video how to make Lyrics video in kinemaster. Kine have more than effects filters transitions clipgraphics and asset store. Fisrt we need some images music and love effects. Here u can use my files it avail in my video description. First download from there it in zip format so first extract it then use. 

Open kinemaster iam using 4.14.2 check description. Then choose square ratio after add some images then apply animation withpan and zoom options.

after appy paper Animation u can download it from asset store. Use love particles black screen video then apply blending screen mode.Then add bg music after find ur music lyrics from browser. After copy and paste in to kinemaster and apply some animations and change font style like the video.Find the voice over areas then apply lyrics currect location. After remove unwanted areas. Save in to your gallery.

1. Click on download

2. Extract it.

3. Done.


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