How to make different type music player effect video editing

 Music Player effect Template

hi everybody today's video how to make music player type video in different mode different type with headset beton effect

sofa download all related files from my video description the description I am giving my website you can get more effective videos from there. ok openpyxl application and make some PNG text formats from the and save into PNG format with high quality after open your avee player application and first aid the template from your download folder it located in your file manager you can add the template using the file manager for your avee player application to loadfromfile option.

 after adding the template has nothing there are you can add like the video fast and the background and at the PNG format images alaikatha patterns and the icons are the recently saved PNG text formats and apply the headset and change the particles image using the customisation and select your I can remove the background image pleasure it's your option and UK can adjust the duration current duration and then click the export button and select the quality you want and just export it after you can share the video in your all social media you can share the export video in your instagram without any deeds select the zoom option you can I get the correct 4 is to 5 ratio in the and thank you thank you so much.


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