How to create smoke overlay effect video

 Alight motion smoke overlay effect video editing

Hi guys welcome back to my channel here I am sharing how to make smoke overlay effect video in alight motion. Download deleted related files from video description after open alight motion application then add a image as background after add some animation using rotation or zooming effects then smoke particles snow particles green screen use after use chroma key for removing green screen background then n-ary a square type liar into the image after apply box blur for getting smoke all effect then adjust the smoke overlay based on the background image after add another layer and apply hue shift effect and use frame keys and add the different type colours using frame keys then use colour blender for blending after add a background music and not voice areas market then 8 lyrics like the video after apply lens blur for an animation after use or 8 jilter effect for getting shaky effect after remove unwanted areas and save into your gallery.

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