Cd player type video editing with Avee player template

 Cd player Template

Hi guys welcome back to my channel today's video how to make CD player type video with avee player application. Super super download the template and related files from my video description then open pixel lab and make a some text PNG and the background PNG slide to the video the background PNG have some shadow effect like only one side effect then apply the text PNG on the background image after saving to your gallery in the maximum quality 

then open your avee player application and click on the template using button after select your template from your file manager it is located in your download folder and add the background image and the CD rotating image and the image like the video the sweet images in PNG format and then apply a background music and change the background as a background image like a video and in your image as a landscape or portrait I can adjust the scale like it video after change the background colour based on the foreground image after click on the export button and select your duration and the quality and 74 gallery and share your media thank you.


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