Awesome Trending Love story#madewithkinemaster

 Love story editing

hi everybody today's video how to make our some story trending story for your social medias here I am making the video using kinemaster first install kinemaster from Play Store after add image like the video then add the black screen love black screen video and the particles falling black screen video and use the screen mode to blending the black screen videos to help the invisible invisible or hide the black screen ok 

after apply the PNG text format you can make the page type for text format through kinemaster and you say cool text style text format after apply your channel watermark in the it's optional then Add a love bubbles particles video here use screen mod for blending after all done adjust the background image brightness contrast extra then apply for a music for the video after trimmed or cut unwanted areas from the project then I export in your file manager in your phone with high quality.


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