Alight motion text edit

 Alight motion new text Animation

hi everyone today's video how to make new text animation new text editor in alight motion we want the name as application alight motion open the elite motion then add a background image or video into the diet after a text and apply the text transform effect like the video then use the Kota blur effect to get the bladder animation to the text after use the mirror option to get to the shadow to the main of the object of the text you get the shadow effect using the background as image like a water for the mode in Excel.

 after the particles the leaves falling effect black screen and use the screen all I can find the mode to get the blanks then add the background music and had the rain falling black screen effect and use screen blind to get blending after remove unwanted areas in one click select all layers and choose the right trim option to get all players correct trophy then exporting your gallery thank you.


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