Alight motion light effect animation

 Alight motion light effect lyrics video editing

Hi guys today video how to make light effect lyrics video in alight motion so it need a background image smoke effect particles etc. Download all files from my video description.

First open alight motion app images background apply oscillator and tile effect in the background image after adi smoke effect I am choosing green screen smoke effect video so choose chroma key to remove the background green colour after adding the particles video the particles video in black screen mode so choose the screen mode to blending. After create a new project and make the lyrics of your song I like the video and use a circle shape it help to get mask the lyrics. After export the lyric video in to your gallery then reopen the recently closed image video image project after add the Lyrics video black screen use colour dodge for blending. Then add a circle shape based on your background image it for light eff ect use blink or flicker to Animation. After add ur music and remove unwanted areas save in to gallery.


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