Music player video with Avee music player

 How to make music player type video

Hi welcome guys today's video how to make cool music player type video for Instagram WhatsApp. Sweet need and application a mass avee player kata2 from playstore check my description to go to install it. Then download all related files from my video description. and first watch the video and after try to make your own creation so fast it need a pixellab application  for the text creation. Then after save it in your gallery in PNG format.

Then open your avee music player application and first you can't use it the template used in the load from file option or directly through your file manager like the tutorial. The first we are adding background image after we are ready the music player button and the like button and the text found in the recently pixellab have created. Select your export ratio and se change the screen ratio after adjust the duration of you can save in your gallery.

the avee player have more than templates in my case I am just agree created a atom bite into my out ideas and you can use it to free in your Instagram page Orion your WhatsApp stories accept and its full free and keep support my channel and share this video in your friends and hit the like button give the comment share thank you.


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  1. Sir download is not working
    MediaFire says: This page isn’t working didn’t send any data.


    Kindly check it please and give me new download link please