How to make smooth particles video with Avee player

 Lighting particles video editing

Hello guys welcome everyone to my channel today's video how to make a cool video for Instagram story instagram and whatsapp Facebook story. Okay here I am sorry the best video editing with Avee player application. No here we need a template text for my images etc. so first of all open your pixel lab application you can get from place store and open it and select your template and give that type of graphic or registrative phone to you you can download it from my video description.

Okay after all make it B&g formatted like photography logo designing level lyrics or taxi in your pixel up like my video after I save us into PNG format. then open your fire manager and click on the downloaded template then it automatically open you to fix the older version problem in your application. afternoon ID background image and text B&g image the watermark PNG like the video and used the image tool to add all images like a video After all you can export it high quality in base on your phone and it is sharing your social media thank you.


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