How to make cool attitude video

 Smooth avee player template

Hello welcome everyone today's video how to make cool smoothie video for instagram WhatsApp. okay you can blade file and some files and something and you text formats you can make it the PNG text before might using pixellab or picsart applications after save to your gallery then open your Avee player application. okay you going to open this template to using avee player application or file manager.

 In some guys telling the older version problem in avee player so please choose your file manager and select the downloaded location of your file template then I'll find your tablet after click on the file template file then the automatically open your avee player application. Then we are adding the background image and the background image PNG format text image like the video and export your maximum quality and select the export duration time after export into your gallery to take some time and like the video like Share and subscribe thank you.


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