How to create nocrop swipable post for Instagram

Swipable panorama mod post making

Hi everybody today's video how to make swipable no crop post for Instagram so we need a application application place to check my video description or the description below description are you go to the downloading from there you can download it from and directly through that link after opening it and you can see three features one is swipable another one grid and one other and you select one so I swipable post and And then select your image from your file manager or gallery after Android that image 3 or 4 and it's changes angle or the size of the square and enable the tick mark and you can view the review in that application.

 after it is show you you wanted to open this images into your instagram then click on open Instagram then it will open and select the three images from your gallery in order each images then click the next and share it you can see the magic do not know crop or any cutting you can see one images white purple like a panorama mode so if you have any doubt channel and you actually video thanks for watching.

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