Avee player maskimage template

 Avee player template download

Hi guys welcome back to our channel today's video hope to make some blind cool attitude video for WhatsApp Instagram. Here I'm using AV player template for making the Avee player How more time features.download all related file from my video description you can get out from my website search on it or click on description link after extract to the zipper file and use the file in your video Make. Open your fire manager then click on template then it   

automatically open your Audi player application. Then first it changed the background image hand in the mask image after I play the watermark and it does some text like the video. You can make PNG text images using big heart or pixel app. Then I'll check it out video after you can enable disable the particles in the bar it's your option. Then start with your background music after click on the export button and select vertical mod. And adjust the duration of the music after exported in your gallery.

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