photo zooming video editing with kinemaster

Photo Zooming Video Editing Tutorial

Welcome to everyone todays video about how to make a Trending Instagram zoom effect video using kinemaster.Guys it need a photo gallery screenshot,some photos of yours or another person and slo-mo video.First open kinemaster and add a image as background after insert the screenshot and apply key Animation like zoom animation. 

After export it. Then select a vertical 9:16 ratio frame after add some photos like the video . Fit the photos as background and adjust the duration of the photo export it. Open square ratio frame first add the screenshot video and add 4 images in there do some Animations through pan and zoom method. After insert transitions like the video between the video and the photos.

 Next add the photo slideshow video and a small part of the slo-mo video like the video then add a sound effect below the transition part. After apply music . And choose beat portion under the photo slideshow video
After all done export it.

Download sound:-


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