How to make Trending WhatsApp status video in Kinemaster

New Whatsapp Status Video Editimg

hello guys in this video I am sharing how to make trending WhatsApp status video in kinemaster kinemaster application are files available in my video description after open your kinemaster my test application it has no watermark and all other features premium features available now.

 I was selected the frame ratio I am choosing option Black or other colour background image as busy as the main object as your photo other photos and we need to add some text effects like the video ok now first background image and had the blue moving but it's vertically moving particles moving particles after adding the file use blinding screen mode to apply that effect in background image and select the text you editing picsart for pixellab or you can make the PNG formatted text using kinemaster text option 

And add a music and like you want and apply the watermark logo and text more than text and apply your channel watermark and use the Alpha mode to blind over the background image after then export high quality if you want to increase the colour grade of the video use dry to reactivate the to export video in kinemaster and choose the colour filter or colour adjustment option and answer the contrast brightness like the video and you can add the mode using the overlay option through download it was and used with nothing more than just the way you can see the more attractive to the thank you follow our steps bikes share subscribe please.

Download files here:-


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