How to make cool lyrics video for Instagram WhatsApp with alight motion

How to make cool lyrics video

Welcome everyone to this channel today's video how to make motion graphics lyrics video using a light motion. Ok itni der background image and smoke effect video and some lyrics fonts, install application from Play Store for my video description after open it and click on the plus button select the background image like the video after apply some effect using colour or brightness effects after apply smoke effect smoke effect to file link in the below description download from the the file is if you can use it achiever aur WinRAR application to extract

 after opening to your gallery and selected that smoke effect apply on your background image so please choose blinding and opacity e juice screen or soft overlay mode after adjust the smoke and fit the screen. when we are ready the texture or click on the + button and add the texture and write your or enter your lyrics of the song and adjust the style colour size after applying movie animation on the lyrics

 so select the text and click on the move and transform transform option and select that are the key frame just text and start middle and select the start option start ki and apply the movie option like the video and select the end ki apply the movie option like the video.after 8 the background music and remove unwanted area like the cropping aur cutting options and export the code into your gallery or other social medias thank you.

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