Alight motion text lyrics Editing tutorial

Alight Motion Lyrics Edit

Welcome everyone to this page here iam sharing new android iPhone editing application for video and photography Editing purpose. It includes more functions like computer software Adobe after effects and premier pro.
It includes more features like text effects, elements,shapes, particles,moving,3d Animations etc...

About Lyrics edit,

In this video how to make stylish directional motion blur lyrics Animation video. First it need a background image, lyrics of your song and the bgm. First add a image as background and you can add a motion graphics manually into the image after add a effects like particles or smoke.
After use blending option to blend the effect into the background image. Add your song select or mark the lyrics part using the tool shown in the video. After add lyrics and add directional blur into the text lyrics. Done 
Export into gallery.

Download from here:-Apk

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