Alight motion lyric video editing tutorial

How to make drawing lyrics animation video

Welcome everyone to this channel today's video how to make drawing progress animation using alight motio. What's the phone download this application or my my video description or Play Store. After first we are a video or image like video after you say I am order to dark shadow of The and we are applying the particle effect like the white particle effect download it from my description and just use the opposite E and blending option to visible or apply the background video image. 

When we are re lyrics based on the background music after click on the + button and had a lyrics and this is a size museum in 12 second it you can I increase or decrease the size of Derek movie of direct duration like the background music and was at the right and adjust the size colour and angles and you can apply for displacement animation just that is a movie movie movie motion graphics animation and register the where are you like the video after using the drawing progress effect for the drawing animation.

 copy the aur duplicate the project like and apply other lyrics with video I am using double colour lyrics and you can use this and you can choose different colour. After trim over cut the unwanted areas and export it. thank you


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